Getting Started
The MC model is much more difficult and time consuming to work with than is the US model, and it is recommended that everyone begin with the US model.

The order of reading for the US model should be:

  1. What are the US and MC Models and Why Use Them Over Commercial Models?
  2. Do I need an ID?
  3. About US User Datasets.
  4. The US Model Workbook: read the Preface and then decide what else you need to read.

The order of the additional reading for the MC model should be:

  1. Estimating How the Macroeconomy Works: at least skim this.
  2. About MC User Datasets.
  3. The MC Model Workbook : Preface and Chapter 1.

When you are ready to use the US or MC model, click in the left menu "Solve" under US Model or MC Model.