Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1 Documentation
1.2 Notation for the ROW Model
1.3 Solution Options
1.4 The Complete MC2 Model and How It is Solved
1.5 Solution Errors
1.6 Changing Stochastic Equations
1.7 Creating Base Datasets
1.8 Treatment of the EMU Regime
2. A Fiscal Policy Rule for Stabilization
3. What Can Macroeconometric Models Say About Asia-Type Crises?
4. Fed Policy and the Effects of a Stock Market Crash on the Economy
Appendix A: Tables for the US Model
Table A.1: The Six Sectors
Table A.2: Variables in Alphabetical Order
Table A.3: The Equations
Table A.4: The Raw Data Variables
Table A.5: Links between NIPA and FFA
Table A.6: Construction of the Variables
Table A.7: First Stage Regressors
Table A.8: Solution under Alternative Monetary Policy Assumptions
Table A.9: Cross Reference Chart
Chapter 5 Tables
Equation 1
Equation 2
Equation 3
Equation 4
Equation 5
Equation 6
Equation 7
Equation 8
Equation 9
Equation 10
Equation 11
Equation 12
Equation 13
Equation 14
Equation 15
Equation 16
Equation 17
Equation 18
Equation 20
Equation 21
Equation 22
Equation 23
Equation 24
Equation 25
Equation 26
Equation 27
Equation 28
Equation 30
Appendix B: Tables for the ROW Model
Table B.1: The Countries and Variables in the TMM Model
Table B.2: The Variables for a Given Country in Alphabetical Order
Table B.3: The Equations for a Given Country
Table B.4: Equations the Pertain to the Trade and Price Links Among Countries
Table B.5: Links Between the US and ROW Models
Table B.6: The Procedure Used to Create Quarterly Data from Annual Data
Table B.7: Construction of the Balance of Payments Data: Data for S and TT
Chapter 6 Tables
Equation 1: Estimates
Equation 2: Estimates
Equation 3: Estimates
Equation 4: Estimates
Equation 5: Estimates
Equation 6: Estimates
Equation 7: Estimates
Equation 8: Estimates
Equation 9: Estimates
Equation 10: Estimates
Equation 11: Estimates
Equation 12: Estimates
Equation 13: Estimates
Equation 14: Estimates
Equation 15: Estimates
Equation 1: Tests
Equation 2: Tests
Equation 3: Tests
Equation 4: Tests
Equation 5: Tests
Equation 6: Tests
Equation 7: Tests
Equation 8: Tests
Equation 9: Tests
Equation 11: Tests
Equation 12: Tests
Equation 13: Tests
Equation 14: Tests
Equation 15: Tests