Ray C. Fair: Personal Notes
Whole family, January 2014: Family 2014
My wife: Sharon
More Sharon: Sharon the rock star
My daughter: Emily
My son-in-law: Jesse
My two sons, fall 1999: John, Stephen
House in Fresno I grew up in: 540 N.Roosevelt Ave.
Best orange juice in the world on Highway 99: Giant Orange
Future NBER Research Associates: Future Associates
Smith Family Tree:Smith Family Tree

Marathon Times
My past marathon times and hopes for the future:Marathon Times.

New Haven 20K Times
My past New Haven 20K times and hopes for the future:New Haven 20K Times .

Bonding on the Trace
The article Bonding on the Trace describes a bike trip I took with my son Stephen in August 1997. I submitted the article to a few newspaper travel sections, but no acceptances. If you are contemplating a bike trip, I would strongly recommend the Trace.

Swedish Recipes

Everit Street Weekly
April 7, 1989--June 2, 1989---10 issues, one missing Everit Street Weekly 1.
June 9, 1989--August 24, 1989---9 issues Everit Street Weekly 2.
April 15, 1990--August 19, 1990---10 issues Everit Street Weekly 3.