Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Macroeconometric Models
1.1 Macroeconometric Models
1.2 Data
2. A Review of the US Model
2.1 Introduction and History
2.2 Tables of Variables and Equations
2.3 The Structure of the Model
2.4 Properties of the Model
2.5 Alternative Monetary Policy Assumptions
2.6 Important Things to Know About the Program
3. Historical Data
4. The National Income and Product Accounts and the Flow of Funds Accounts
4.1 National Income and Product Accounts
4.2 The Flow of Funds Accounts
5. Fiscal Policy Effects under Alternative Assumptions about Monetary Policy
5.1 Changes in Government Purchases of Goods
5.2 Other Fiscal Policy Variables
5.3 Balanced Budget Multiplier
6. Monetary Policy Effects
7. Price Shocks and Stock Market Shocks
7.1 Price Shocks
7.2 Stock Market Shocks
8. Deficit Targeting
9. Sensitivity of Results to the Interest Elasticity of the Demand for Money
10. Sensitivity of Results to the Interest Elasticity of Aggregate Expenditure
11. Sensitivity of the Results to the Specification of the Price Equation
12. Foreign Sector Effects
13. Other Possible Experiments
13.1 Combinations of Policies
13.2 Effects of Changing State and Local Government Variables
13.3 Imposing Rational Expectations on the Model
13.4 Making Major Changes to the Model
13.5 Supply Side Experiments
13.6 Counterfactual Experiments