Macroeconometric Modeling

The main reference for the macroeconomic part of this site is
Macroeconometric Modeling: 2018.
You can click to any section within the Table of Contents. You can also click to various links. When you return from a link, you will return to the beginning of the Table of Contents of the main document. The 2013 version of this document is Macroeconometric Modeling: 2013.

If you want to work with the US and MCJ models go to
Work with the US and MCJ Models.

If you want to download the Fair-Parke (FP) program and the US, MCJ, and MCJ2 Model files that go with the FP program, go to
FP Program and US, MCJ, and MCJ2 Files.

If you want to download the US Model files that go with EViews, go to
US Model Files for EViews.

The following paper is a broad outline of macroeconometric modeling and summarizes some of the main results I have obtained:
Reflections on Macroeconometric Modeling.

I also have a paper that presents a smaller version of the US model, which gives a number of insights from the US model. The paper is: A Mini Version of the US Model.